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Boxing for Everyone

CreamCityBoxing began in a small garage on the  northwest side of Milwaaukee.,where a man name Kirby Lockett use to work an train neighborhood kids an adults who needed a different outlet .Mr.Lockett  use the boxing training to help keep  these youths and adults out of gangs an off drugs .As the word got out the garage  became to small for the growing interest .So in 2009 CreamCityBoxing became a 501c3 non-profit organization an purchased our first building on 35th an villard an now we have been able to reach several 1000 of youth an adults from all over ,espcially with our boxing,fitnees,an job  placement programs

How We Can Help You

CreamCityBoxing understands that everyone is not joining to compete, but you still will be trained like you are competing .We also work well with youth an adults that are being bullied .We do not discriminate  like other places ,we allow all to join even people who are physically challenged an mentally.

See the Difference

CreamCityBoxing believes that a boxing workout will help you with stress,confidence,self defense an weight loss


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Cream City Boxing Gymnasium

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